Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Growing up

Oh and I forgot to mention that Nellie now has glasses and is loving them! She didn't realize how much she needed them.
I can't believe how fast the past 3 months has gone! Owen will be 3 months old on Halloween. He is 17 and a half lbs now. He has outgrown almost all of the clothes that we had for him. We just had to go out and get 9 months size! He is laughing, holding his head up nicely and almost rolling over. One of my sisters-in -law just had her baby and Owen looks like a giant next to him. It's hard for me to believe that he was that tiny just a few weeks ago!! Nellie is loving school and Samantha's school finally started so she is very happy now. It is so weird only having one kid at home for almost 3 hours a day. I hardly know what to do.

I have started a new hobby making wipe containers and small diaper bags to match. Not like a regular diaper bag but one that literally just fits diapers in it. I will be selling them for $15 at a Christmas Bazaar that a friend and I have a booth at. If you know anyone that would like one or if you want one yourself, let me know. I have a few different fabrics for boys and girls. The one set in the picture is mine and it was the first one so it's not the best. The wipe containers are alone but I will be making the bags to match soon.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lots going on...

Well, Owen is 2 months and a week, Nellie turned 6, Nellie started Kindergarten and we had our family pictures done. So first of all Owen. He had his 2 month appointment and is doing GREAT!! He weighs 14 lbs and is 24 in long. Overall he is in the 90th percentile. The doctor says he is growing very nicely! Next, Nellie had her 6th birthday party at the Imagination Station. We had lots of friends and family there and she had a great time. She is also very excited to be in school, and so are we! She loves her teacher and all her new friends. The only bad part is coming home from school. She isn't the nicest person for a while after school. Oh well, I thought that would happen. Finally, once again Patrick's sister Bethany took our family pictures and did an awesome job. The girls however "forgot" how to smile so they look semi retarded in most of the pictures. But overall they are good. That's about all for now. Enjoy the pictures!