Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lots has happened...

A lot has happened in the past month or so. Starting from the bottom going up, Nellie had her 5th birthday on Sep. 28th. We went to the Mt. Scott Community Center Skate Rink. She had a blast. Eliza, a good friend, made her a barbie cake that was awesome!
Next is Patrick's knee. One picture is with the stitches, the next is after they are out. He has felt the best in his life! He will go to the doctor on the 11th to see if everything is ok and see if he is ready to go back to work.
We have moved AGAIN! We are renting a house from some friends for a while with the hopes of buying it after a few months. It is sooooo... nice to not be managing again! This move has made it our 11th in 6 years. Some may call us crazy, but we feel blessed. Every place we have moved to, we have made great friends and there has always been a purpose for us being there.
Last but not least, halloween. I don't get dressed up, I like to dress others up. Nellie was a horse. Samantha was a lion, and Patrick was himself on his surgery day. The hospital let him keep all the "goods" . He, of course, added his own touches to it. Overall it was a fun day!