Thursday, October 20, 2011

~A very special day~

On Oct 8th Nellie made the choice to get baptized.  It was such a wonderful, spiritual day for her and us.  Thanks to all who came and supported her!!
I can't you think she is happy?!?!?!

Us with Bishop Wilson 
 We had been looking for a dress for her and couldn't find anything we liked that was under $50.  My mom was at the Sears outlet one day and they brought out this dress with a fuzzy shawl. The whole thing was $5!!! It was meant to be :)

 The families from both sides, minus my sister and brother-in-law and Patrick's oldest brother.
Nellie with cousins

Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's hard to believe that 8 years have gone by!  So much has happened it feels like a life time but at the same time it feels like it was yesterday.  Nellie has grown so much over that last year.  She has become an excellent reader.  She can ride an adult bike with the breaks on the handle bars.  She can now play games with us and understand them! (she loves that)  Those are just some fun things.  She is such a great helper for me.  She loves going to school and is very good at it.  Next Saturday she is getting baptized and is so excited for that.  We got her her very own set of scriptures and case.  It's awesome that she can read them!  

We have some friends that have a daughter that has a birthday 2 days before Nellie.  They are good friends and decided to have a combined birthday party.  They wanted it to be a princess tea party.  We didn't want to leave out family so we had a family party on Friday night and then the kid party on Saturday.  Here are most of the pictures...enjoy! :)

Corina is a professional cake decorator and wanted to do the fancy kid cake, so I did the cupcakes for the family party. 

Does anyone remember that segment in sesame street, long ago, that had the girl rocking in a huge rocking chair?  This totally reminded me of that! LOL

The birthday girls

It was way to windy, so we had them pretend to blow out the candles. ;)

GG and Nellie

Papa and Grandma Susan
The "tea" and cake table

Make-up and jewelry table

To the left of the picture was the nail station and to the right was the hair station

Nellie after getting her hair done

Samantha begged me to take a picture of her eyes. She did them herself...pretty good too.

All the girls from the party.  The super tall on in the back was a sister of one of the girls there to help us.  She was great!

Birthday girls with their moms.  Corina said we had to dress up too.  Of course she found a great one to fit for me, well I'm a bit bigger than her so it was harder to find something.  Luckily, I have a wonderful mom that can sew.  I found a plain dress at the thrift store and she fancied it up for me.  It will also be my Halloween costume. 

I had to put a picture of this shirt! Isn't it so cute!
Thanks to everyone who came or helped with the parties!  It was so much fun and the girls had a blast!