Sunday, September 2, 2012


I (Mettina) will be having surgery on the 6th of Sept.  I could just tell you what it is for but then you would ask why?  So, I'll start at the beginning...


For 2+ years now we have been trying to get pregnant.  We never had any trouble before so we wondered why it wasn't working this time.  A couple of months ago I woke up to contractions.  I didn't really think I was pregnant but I never find out until I'm at least 8 weeks.  We decided that I might be having a miscarriage.  It was a Sunday so Patrick took the kids to church and I stayed home.  At one point I thought I had miscarried so I called Patrick.  He came home, we called my parents, they came over and we went to the hospital.  They did LOTS of tests while we were there and figured out that I didn't miscarry, but that I had fibroid tumors.  He asked if we had kids, we said yes.  He said good because we were done!  The next day I called my OB and made an appointment.  While there we talked about different options and decided that the best one would be to have a hysterectomy.   Patrick and I were kind of sad but we knew with all the pain I've been in for years, that it was the best thing.  The next thing we talked about was my bladder.  For those that don't know, I've have bladder issues since I was 14!!  Back then they said they wouldn't do anything for it until I was done having kids...well now is that time :)  My OB then sent me to a urologist.   There they did multiple tests and found out that I have 3 things:  overactive bladder, sneeze couch laugh, and a descending bladder.  2 of these things are able to be fixed with surgery, one is not, the overactive bladder.  Honestly I did not know that I had all of these.  I thought I just had the leaking stuff.  She put me on some meds to see if that would help the overactive bladder.  Come to find out, it doesn't.  Now we are getting ready for surgery. Patrick's mom is going to help with the kids while my mom and I are at the hospital.  Patrick can only get one day off of work so we are VERY grateful to have family around.  I will be out of commission for at least 2 weeks and then who knows after that.  Once I am all healed from surgery, I'll go back to the urologist and they will do x-rays and maybe an MRI of my spine to see if there is any nerve damage that could be causing the overactive bladder.  They wanted to make sure I knew that everything would not be perfect after the surgery.  Better, but not the best.  At this point Patrick and I are just glad that these two great doctors are finally figuring out my problems.  In advance I want to thank everyone for helping out.  We couldn't do it without you guys.  :)