Monday, January 26, 2009

Interesting week

This week has been crazy! First we went and played at the cousins house and Samantha fell outside and scrapped up her chin. Then 2 days later we picked her up from pre-school and she had a nice shiner on her eye. Of course, no one knows what happened. Then that night the girls wanted to sleep in the same bed, which they do on a regular basis, but this time was different. Not even 10 min after I put them in there, Nellie starts screaming! I said what is wrong - as she was turning the corner - and Samantha is yelling, Nellie has blood! So Nellie has blood all over her hands, face and clothes. I got her to calm down and had her sitting there with toilet paper and went to the bedroom. Blood was all over the wall and all over the bed, which I had just 3 day's before cleaned! I got everything cleaned up and put Nellie on her bed. Come to find out, Samantha had head butted her in the nose. I was so surprised to find that she didn't even have a bruse, just swelling. I hope this week goes a litttle better. On a different note, I love taking picts of myself being prego. This is my first on with this baby with more to come. I am 12 weeks in the picture. The girls where just a little excited. Nellie took almost all the picts for me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

We're having a paperclip!

For those of you who haven't heard yet we are expecting our 3rd sometime in August. The due date is the 9th but who knows. When I told the girls they were so cute. This is how it went:

Mom ~ you guys are going to have a new baby!
Nellie ~ Mom, I'm going to take good care of you. Hey! Do we have any diapers?
Mom ~ No honey! The baby won't be here until it gets sunny and hot outside.
Nellie ~ But mom, it is sunny today!
Mom ~ My tummy has to get really big and the baby has to grow before it can come out.
Nellie ~ So no punching it?
Mom ~ NO!
Samantha ~ And to kicking it? ( with kicking action )
Mom ~ NO!
Samantha ~ Mom, we have to get some bottles!
Nellie ~ And grandma Susan just brought the crib back so we need to set it up!
Mom ~ Girls!!! The baby isn't coming for a long time, it's ok. We'll do all that later.

I gave up after that and we went on with the day. I took the girls to school and when I picked them up and got Nellie in her seat and then went to the other side to help Samantha. She was standing there looking very sad, this is how it went:

Mom ~ Samantha, what's wrong?
Mom ~ Did you have a bad day at school?
( head shake, no )
Mom ~ Then what's wrong?
(Samantha getting a little teary)
Samantha ~ I want to hold the baby! (crying)

All I could do was laugh! She was so cute. I didn't even know what to say. I reassured her that when the baby comes she will get to hold it a lot.

The whole thing has been very funny. All they do now is pretend like they have babies in their tummies and think of names to call it. Nellie is sure it is a baby sister, although Patrick says it's a boy. We'll find out in a couple of months. That's all for now. I'll keep everyone posted when there is more.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Girls ~

I had to show everyone what my girls did while we were stuck in the house. They got some new dress-up clothes from Patrick's Grandparents and I couldn't resist. I hope you all have a good laugh, I know I did!