Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have always wanted my very own piano, but never had the space or money. I still don't really have the space but was able to get on for free! The missionaries in our ward went tracting and came across this piano outside. They asked the people what they were going to do with it and they said they were going to give it away. Knowing that I wanted a piano the missionaries asked the person if they could have it. She said yes and now it is mine. It is so beautiful and will play great in a few weeks, after it is tuned. The girls have already had their first lesson today and are loving it also. Thanks to the missionaries, I owe them big time :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Crazy Weekend!

This past weekend we went camping with my brother and his family. Patrick had to work on Saturday so he took his scooter. I told Kyle to give him VERY detailed directions. To make a long story short Patrick got lost(in the rain on his scooter), I got lost, Kyle had to go and find Patrick and I met up with them so we could all get to the campground. Kyle said he didn't give us very good directions. Oh well. Camping was fun. We went to the river on our way home and took some fun picts. It was a pretty good weekend and we get to do the camping thing all over again in a couple of weeks with our ward. I will be much more prepared next time!