Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9 DAYS : )

Today was my last appointment! Crazy to think that. I didn't gain any weight so I remain at 14 lbs total. I was dilated to 1 centimeter so she stripped my membranes, very well I might add. If that doesn't kick start anything then we are set for induction on the 31st. She will have us come in on the 30th at 8pm to start things, so if it goes fast he might come on the 30th. We are all very excited and anxious for him to come. The girls can't wait! We even made a chain for them to help count the days. The picture was actually taken at 37 1/2 weeks. According to my own waist measurements, in the past 2 weeks I have grown 2 inches! I feel it but I don't know if you can tell. This will probably be my last post until after he is born so wish us luck!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 more weeks!!

Today was my appointment. Everything was good with the baby but I have gained another 8 lbs, so 14 total and my blood pressure was high. She also checked me and said that he was still a little high but that I was starting to thin out. She didn't actually say if I was dilated or not. I told her that I was really liking the idea of being induced early and she wants me to anyway because of how fast the girls were, so we decided to do it on the 31st! That only leaves me 2 weeks and a few days to go, which is fine with me.
On a different note, the picts above are because I was given a car seat for free and it was a little old looking so I decided to recover it. My mom did most of the sewing because my machine isn't working very well, but I did help. I think it turned out pretty good for no pattern.
We are officially all ready for this baby to come!

Monday, July 13, 2009

36 Weeks

I only have 3-4 weeks left. 3 if I let her induce me, which I'm really thinking is a good idea. I am measuring 2 weeks earlier than my due date so we'll see. So far I have gained 6 lbs. I feel bigger though. I'm starting to get very puffy, if you can't tell from the picture. At this rate I'll be back to my wedding pounds when he comes out! How great would that be. I have my appointment on Weds so if there is any new news I will post more then. As for now, things are about the same.

Monday, July 6, 2009

35 weeks and the 4th

Well, I only have 4-5 weeks left! I have gained 6 lbs so far and my doctor can't believe it, I can't either. This past weekend we went to the beach for a family reunion, kinda. The weather was perfect for me, just under 60. The kids had a blast and Patrick got to fly his kites. I didn't get to do very much, but it was still nice. Seeing all my Dad's siblings was cool too. Here are some of the picts.