Monday, February 15, 2010

It's been way to long!!

I guess having a baby again has kind of halted my blogging. :) Well, since the last one a lot has happened. Obviously Christmas. Not much happened, just family time. Next was new years and we just had fun with family and some friends playing games all night. For the last month and a half Samantha, Owen and I have had a "fun" time. Let's start with Owen. He is now over a half a year old! Crazy how fast that went. He is a very "healthy" baby weighing in at 22.5 lbs, 28.5 inches long and wearing 12-18 month clothes. He is overall in the 95%. He has been sitting up on his own since a week before Christmas, talks, laughs, the normal baby stuff. That's about it for him.

For about 12 years now I have had carpal tunnel. I've been to the doc lots of times but have always had a reason to not have the surgery done. Well on the 20th it was done!! After surgery there was no more numbness or tingling or dead arm at night. It was great! The only bad thing is that my strength isn't coming back very well. It hurts all the time and even worse when I try to do any pulling or grabbing. Hopefully that will come back with time. But for now I just have to deal with it and keep using it.
Now Samantha, a few months ago she found a large wart on the bottom of her foot. I took her to the doc and they froze it. Should have been gone in a week or so. Well we waited about 3 weeks and nothing! So we went back and they froze it again. 2 weeks later, nothing still. So I took her to a podiatrist and he said it was bad news. She has an absest under the wart and he has to cut it all out! She also has a small wart on the same foot in a different place and today I noticed a group of small ones growing on another part of the foot. The picture was when we first found it and now it is almost 2x that size! Who knows what's going on with her...we'll find out on Thurs.

I guess that's enough of an update for now. Enjoy the picts!