Sunday, March 21, 2010

* Baby gone BIG *

All of a sudden Owen got long hair! It was driving me nuts and I was debating whether or not to cut it. Well Saturday it got the best of me and I just did it! He sat so well and let me even do the buzzers. It was shocking at first but I love it now. He looks so much older, which I don't really like, but overall I think it suits him :)

A few weeks ago Nellie lost her first tooth. It was a little loose for a while but one morning she came screaming to me in the shower. She said that she had had her blanket in her mouth and Samantha ripped it out and made her tooth very loose! She wasn't kidding either!! It was really just hanging there. So I tried to pull it out but just couldn't get it. She kept trying and couldn't get it either. So my sister called and I told her about it and she said she'd be right over. She got it out on the first pull. No crying or anything! Later that day we went to my parents and my dad had made her a "tooth box". She thought it was the coolest thing. That night she put her tooth in the box and went to bed. The next morning she had $$$ in the box! I got a picture of her sleeping next to her tooth box. It was black in her room but with the flash it looks like day.
Enjoy :)