Saturday, December 24, 2011

Polar Express!!

 This past summer Patrick and I decided that it would be fun to go on the polar express.  So back in June we bought the tickets.  We never told the kids until the day of.  The girls were very excited and Owen didn't understand except that we were going on a train.  The train itself was slow and really bumpy, but the kids had so much fun! They even talked to Santa!  
 I'm so mad! I only got a picture of Samantha with Santa :(  Oh well, I got video of the rest
 Waiting for the train to come

 Cookie and Cocoa station

Monday, December 12, 2011

Been a while

 Patrick and I just had our 9th anniversary!  Thanks to a wonderful mom and great friends, we got to go to the beach for almost 5 days!  It was freezing but so beautiful!  Here are some of the pix we got.
 All I wanted was one good picture of us and Patrick had to be crazy in all of them...oh well, what can you do ;)
 I guess this one is ok
We went to dinner in Astoria and this was out our window.  They people at the restaurant said that the birds do this every day!!  This wasn't even all of them either.  There were tons!!  They would do cool waves and dives all in sink with each other  It was very interesting to watch.

They're going to hate me for putting that one up :)

Sat we spent the day at the water park. It was fun not having the kids there, but we also got worn out faster.  We did all the slides a ton of times in only a couple of hours.  With kids it took all day just to go on a couple of slides.  It was still tons of fun!  If you look close you can see santa in his suit!  We got pix with him but it was with Corina's camera.

At Tillamock after the water park.  Don't we all look great...

Sunday morning before we went home we walked the beach and got shells for the kids.  There was hardly anyone there. It was so pretty too.

Right after we got the kids.  They didn't want to leave Grandmas house.  Guess we have to go away more often ;)