Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Last week we decided to go to the Falls. Patrick and I have never been, that we can remember, to see the falls when it is frozen. It was an awesome site! The ride there was a bit frightening though...everything was smooth until we got about 1 mile away from the exit and there was this guy going about 10 miles an hour. I, of course, got mad and "tried" to go around him. Well we soon found out why he was going so slow. The car was totally out of my control and we went through all the lanes and back. We actually did that 2 times before I got control back. It was so scary!! So we went 10 mph for the next mile too. Once we got there it was beautiful! Patrick took the girls out to go walk around and I stayed in the car with Owen. I could see all the people sliding around and I didn't want to risk falling with the baby. Anyway...I'm glad we made it there ok and back for that matter because on the way back there were NO cars on the road itself. They were all either in the ditches or stopped on the side. I wish we had a better camera to show just how gorgeous it was but ours will just have to do for now. Enjoy! :)