Sunday, July 31, 2011

Turning 2 :)

 Today, July 31st, is Owen's 2nd Birthday.  We had a party for him yesterday at the splash pad.  It was so fun and great weather!  This is how it went:
Music note cupcakes to go with the guitar cupcake cake.

Cupcake cake made by mom, frosted by Corina and mom.  Couldn't have done it that good on my own ;)

The mastermind with the birthday boy

Singing Happy Birthday to cute


Some of the friends...wouldn't be a party without them!

After his party we came home and started on my Aunts cake.  Corina  taught me how to do a rose and this was my very first ever rose.  Pretty good if you ask me!

Cake for my Aunts 65th.  I baked,  Corina decorated all!! She is awesome!

The girls gift to Owen was a train set.  He hasn't stopped playing with it.  Thanks Eliza for the idea!! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I wonder if I post these just for me or if anyone really looks at them.  Just this one time if you look on here leave me a message so that I know if I should keep it up.  Thanks :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer So Far ~

So far this summer we have just been swimming and spending lots of time outside...when it's sunny.  I'm just going to put the pix and explain as I go. Enjoy! 

Nellie and Samantha both have only ever had one swimming lesson and this summer they are both doing great!! Samantha loves it way more than Nellie though... you can tell ;)  This is where Nellie likes to be.
Among the many things Owen is learning how to do, he has figured out how to open nail polish.  This is a whole bottle of white that I had to remove with half a bottle of acetone!

The girls' school had a fair so we went.  There were hardly any people there so it was great!  Free everything except for $5 helmets.  This is Owen's fish.



On the back of a fire truck. 

I think Owen would be ok being a fireman. He LOVED it!!

Samantha in  the Waste Management truck.

Hopefully the last time Nellie and Owen sit in the back of a cop car!

Fed Ex

Owen driving the Fed Ex truck