Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last year ;)

 All Samantha wanted was a pillow pet.  
 Nellie finally got her cash register!
 Hopefully Patrick won't get lost anymore with his new GPS
 I got a Kindle so now I can read in style...and everyone can play games and watch movies on it.
 Girls in their Mrs. Clause dresses and Owen in his NEW suite.  The top is too small and the bottoms were too big!!
 Owen's new toy for his cars
 Last year on Thanksgiving we attempted to make our first turkey.  Needless to say it didn't turn out at all! Cooking it at 180 degrees for 9 hours doesn't cook it!  Anyway, we tried again this year for Christmas and it turned out GREAT!!

Nellie's 2 front teeth have been loose for about 4 months now.  She's been too scared to have us pull them out.  The wed before Christmas we went to the dentist for a regular check up and he said they can come out any time.  She said she wanted to wait until Christmas eve so that the tooth fairy and santa would come together.  So on Christmas eve we got one out and then she was afraid to pull the other one out.
Christmas down!!

The day after New Years she had gymnastics and was helping a friend with a flip.  The friend kicked her in the face on accident and made the tooth even worse.  I told her it needed to come out!  So that night we got it out. She feels so much better now that they are gone.  

Now we get to wait for the new ones to come.  The dentist had me look at the x-rays and her new teeth are so huge! They are twice the size of her baby ones!  He doesn't even think they will fit in that huge hole in her mouth.  We'll see...;)

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Maria said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!! We missed you! So fun Nellie lost her two front teeth!